Rema’s Privacy Policy

Your information security while visiting our website is our utmost priority at Rema, and we do our utmost to protect your right to privacy. We abide by regulations stipulated in the R.O.C.’s Personal Information Protection Act, and have established the privacy policy below relating to our collection and use of personal information for your reference.


1.         Personal Data Collection

Rema will collect the data below with your consent when you visit our online store:

1.       Personal information: Information such as member name, phone number, e-mail, address, gender, birth date etc.

2.       Payment information: If credit card or account information at financial institutions is needed for purchases, the credit card security code will only be used for the purchase you are currently making, and will not be stored or used in subsequent card details.

3.       Information which is obtained automatically from web browsing: please refer to 3. Website Cookies


2.         Use of Personal Data

In order to provide you with a complete online shopping experience, the personal data which you provide will be used in the following manners:

1.       Membership mechanism: Used for membership registration for online shopping protocols such as member login, member identification

2.       Transaction process: Used in online shopping cash flow and logistics processes, providing courier companies, banks, information security companies and other third party contractors with necessary information to complete your purchase protocol such as order processing and delivery services

3.       Marketing events: Used for newsletter, SMS and other notifications to provide you with brand or promotional event information

4.       Customer service: Responses to your inquiries via e-mail, telephone or other methods

5.       Statistics: Statistical information (not personal information) may be revealed to our company’s strategic partners, advertisers and other third parties based upon services or other legal purposes for Rema’s official website or corporate entity


As a reminder, refusal to provide personal information necessary for member registration may result in the inability to utilize complete online shopping services or the inability to utilize services at all. Upon registration as a member, you can login via My Account to query, view, change, update or delete your personal information. However, once information is deleted, you will no longer be able to use services at Rema’s online store.


The information you provide will be used solely internally within Rema, within the scope and purposes outlined. We will never sell, trade or rent any of your personal information to other organizations or individuals. The exception being the request of judiciary departments for our company to provide personal information on specific members. We will cooperate when necessary upon official proceedings by judicial units, while taking the security of all of our company’s users into consideration.


3.         Website Cookies

We have utilized cookie technology within our website to provide you with a more convenient user experience. Cookies are a type of technology which enable communication between the website server and the browser you use. They may store random text strings in your computers to identify member identity, record preferences (such as language, country, etc.) to optimize your visits, but will not record sensitive identifying personal information such as your ID number, password, credit card number, security code, etc. If you do not wish to use the cookies function, you can cancel this function through your browser settings. As a reminder, you may not be able to successfully log into the website or use the shopping cart with cookies turned off.



4.         Security Assurance for Personal Data

Rema will implement reasonable technology and procedures in order to protect your privacy and ensure the security of all personal data. Your account and membership information will be protected by password; under some circumstances, our website will utilize SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent the theft, alteration, damage, destruction or loss of personal data while ensuring the security of data transmissions.


5.         Changes to Privacy Policy

Rema may change its privacy policy from time to time in response to regulatory adjustments or changes in market environment. Any changes will be announced on our company website, no individual notices will be sent out. If you have any inquiries related to the Rema online store privacy policy or any matters related to personal information , please contact our customer service department at