The Future Technology of Compression
Most of the tight-fitting garments on the market was made by elastic fabrics, laminating tapes, silicone printing, and other traditional technologies to provide tightness and pressure on body tissues in order to reduce muscle vibration.
However, these traditional types of tight-fitting garment cause uncomfortable and unbreathable feeling. It does not improve sport performance.

Rema DMP technology provides support and partial pressure at each leg muscle area. With an integrally forming design, it focuses on supporting hips, knees, and legs, and fully presents the different pressure in each area. Besides, having the innovative features of the seamless design, the friction is reduced and the comfort is fully improved!

Innovative Tech is to Minimize the Disadvantage of Sport on Muscle
The unique diamond pattern designed according to muscle shape is to reinforce pressure and restrain muscles. The perfect rhombic frame and lines are linked to the key areas of the legs, giving the hips, legs, and knee support. This is a great evolution of sport compression with no traditional sewing segmentation design, only use a single functional fabric to create support and reinforced pressure.
Rema Diamond Power retains the existing coverage of compression legging, but improves the function for more support, comfort and breathability.

Muscle Activation
By using the DELSYS wireless EMG system, we have collected data on muscle activation of the gluteus maximus, rectus femoris, semitendinosus, tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius muscles by test subjects.
EMG signal when not wearing compression garment
EMG signal after wearing compression garment
Note: The sampling frequency is set to 2000Hz

Scientific Proof
After twenty athletes run 10km each person, we compare Rema DMP with a well-known sport company, 2XU. Here’s the result of Rema DMP.
-EMG signal shows a lower frequency, it means that muscle only need a lower power to complete the experiment with the speed and distance.
-Blood Lactate Clearance Rate is 11% higher.
-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is reduced up to 42%.
-Fabric compression at each muscle area is higher.
Measure the highest part of the chest.
Measure the smallest part of the waist.
Finding the Right Size.
The waist(chest) size is an additional option, you can get the exact recommended size.
Fabric Composition
Main fabric
48% NYLON | 28% POLYESTER | 24% PU
Product Care
Wash in cold water
Do not put in the dryer
Wash separately from dark colors
Do use neutral detergent
Do not bleach
NT$ 2,880
Why have we designed this?

An adequate amount of pressure will drive growth. The same applies to our daily training too. With the world’s first patented design, we renounce multiple stitches and patchwork in conventional compression tights that can cause much discomfort. Instead, our compression tights can provide strong muscle support and coverage to prevent muscle fatigue and allow you to stay in an optimal state throughout a long training.



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NT$ 2,880